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Jun 20, 2018

Summer Season 2018 (3)

Carl obliterates the competition!
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Posted by: Tommytester

Well third week into the season and yet another winner making his debut on the podium. Excellent turn out with 9 players and Mr Webber made it clear from the start he meant business this evening. He seemed to find a straight, a flush or a full house to amass a good chip stack and only Tony and Colleen seemed to have any luck against him.

Rebuys from Duck, Charley, Bob, Sharon, Dan and Barney ensures we are gonna have a decent finals night pot, but does not help their own individual causes leaving them all short of points on the board.

Ending the night one on one with Colleen, three flushes and two straights in 6 hands did not give her any chance whatsover, but I am sure she's got his number for the future!

Well done Carl, great effort and another entertaining evening only interrupted with Englands second goal!

Cya all next week

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