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Jun 13, 2018

Summer Season 2018 (2)

Tony rises to the top!
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Posted by: Tommytester

Another cracking night with Tony taking his first season victory.

With an early rebuy Bob was out of the points early on in the evening and was like most of us there just to make up the numbers. Duck failed again to show any form, although I think he's just a later starter and there is more to come without doubt. Barney and Sharon were next to go in 5th and 4th respectively with new lad Charley showing some backbone to hold on to 3rd place leaving just Carl and Tony battling it out at the end. Despite a brave effort from Carl, Tony eventually over whelmed Carl with the turning point when Carl tried to claim a 4 card flush over a large pot! (Don't worry matey, we have all done it! hahahah)

Good game ending a tad late, but good company all in all!

Cya next week

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