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Jun 5, 2018

Summer Season 2018 (1)

First season for a couple of years with a slightly shorter format over 8 weeks!
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Posted by: Tommytester

With 7 players attending, the new season welcomes newcomers Bob  and Carl for their baptism of fire in season play.

With our stalwart Duck making the first rebuy of the season, he set his stall out early showing the new lads how it has to be done if you want a decent finals pot. Sharon another oldtimer soon followed suit so no points in the bag from the first game for them!

Karl didn't show his earlier promise and was also out of play in 5th putting 4 points on the board, with Bob "Don't touch my lucky token" falling by the wayside in 4th. Barney went all in against Tony with AQ and was obliterated in 3rd place, hopefully better to come from him in the future.

Leaving Tony and Dan to fight for the spoils, a bit of blagging by both parties with Dan eventually over whelming Tony to take the insubstantional evening funds but a valuable 49 points and first win of the season!

Cya all next week!

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