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Feb 10, 2016

8th February

No Justice!
Category: Poker
Posted by: Tommytester

Poor ol turn out for for the second game of the season, with 3 regulars calling in sick. Mr Hammond & Duck 'ala 2 pairs' both with flu like symptons and Beth with a self induced 'party sickness' bug. Hopefully all 3 will return on Monday.

The night belonged to 'Golden balls' Tony who by the smell of it had stood in something before sitting at the table, hitting everything that flopped and had complete control from the start. Fair play to him, he could have finished the night well before the actual finish, but with self control and what must have been a slight guilty feeling he played us all like an Angler bringing in the trophy specimen!

Welcome return to our resident time keeper John Hynes who managed a credible second on the night and commiserations to Barney 'We're all doomed' Banyard who bore the brunt of Tony's rampage.

Roll on next week.

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