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Jul 30, 2013

POKER - 29th July

Barney Rules, John Drools! ;-)
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Posted by: Tommytester

With a turnout of 11 players on the 4th game of the season two tables was the order of the day. Play was definitely much faster with the smaller tables and chip stacks were built and collapsed at alarming rates!

First out was James after finding his Ace Flush wanting to Dan’s F.H and then his straight finding Barney’s flush a couple of hands later – He has certainly found the highs and lows of poker this last couple of weeks!

Duck was next out in 10th position when Alastair’s triple Kings proved too powerful, and Jim was not far behind in 9th shoving all-in on JJ meeting Colleen’s QQ. With Clayton out to Barney’s pair of Jacks next hand the two tables were combined into the final table.

Tony short stacked (and not may chips either!!) shoved all-in on Q9, Alastair AT hit the Ace to remove Tony in 7th. Colleen again putting on a good show met John in full flow, out in 6th.

Dan was next out in 5th shoving AK failing to hit with Sharon calling A4 hitting the 4 – No justice Dan, and anther good effort!

Barney who had hardly missed all night then went into freefall and his major chip stack was slashed with a couple of reckless calls losing first to John and then Sharon. With the chip stacks pretty even but the blinds at 1000k/2000k chips starting moving freely across the table. The equilibrium was broken when Alastair shoved all-in on 99 and John called AT. Two pairs to John & Alastair out in 4th position.

Sharon was out in 3rd when Barneys JJ held up leaving John and Barney to fight it out for the spoils. Barneys huge chip stack advantage made it a very one sided affair and John was forced to accept runner up on the night.

Excellent nights entertainment as always and thanks to Jen & Tony for their usual hospitality!

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