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Jul 26, 2013

Petanque League

Adnams Coastal Petanque League
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We are now well into the second half of the league with no real change in the performance of the two Dicky teams.

Dicky 2 continue to perform well and are currently in 3rd position in the Gunhill Division, however they have 15 points from just 6 games so can easily challenge either of the teams above them who have 18 and 20 points respectively from 7 games.

Dicky 1 had better results in their last two games with a 4-0 win over Monarchs Bonce and a 2-2 draw against the Hare & Hounds, these are the 1st and 2nd placed teams in the division. However it looks like too little too late as they have just 9 points from 8 games with just two more to play so they will be playing more for honour than with any hope of moving up the table.

Gunhill Division Table

Hare & Hounds   20 Pts  Played 7

Monarchs Bonce  18 Pts  Played 7

Dicky 2  15 Pts  Played 6

Wheatsheaf Chaffs  14 Pts  Played 7

Dicky 1  9 Pts  Played 8

Wheatsheaf Stooks  8 Pts  Played 7

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