Apr 28, 2013

Petanque League 2013

Adnams Costal Petanque League 2013
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Amanda & Graham 13          Geoff & Andrea 6

Jem & John 13                          Sesa & Aravata 6

Amanda& Jem 3                      John & Paul 13

John & Graham 13                  Alan  & Sesa 7

So a good three one win for Dicky 2

Sunday 21st saw the first game for Dicky 1 and probably the first time any of the team had thrown a Boule in anger since last season! Problem was it was D1 v D2 and lack of any practice ment D1 took a good kicking.

Results were;

Amanda & Graham 13          Conor & Magz 3

John & Jem 13                          Jake & Stuart 10

Amanda & Jem 13                  Robin & Ivor 7

John & Graham 13                 Stuart & Magz 7

That is a serious embarriasment to D1 who have never lost  four nil before.

Today, Sunday 28th we saw D1 away to the Hare & Hounds, another important match and time for D1 to make a statement and did they ever!

Despite a fine sunny day and a team of five there was no way this was the Dicky's day, the first two games saw D1 win the toss for each but that was all they won.

Clintin & Peter 13                  Conor & Stuart 3

Patrick & Teresa 13              Magz & Robin 9

After losing the toss for the next two the luck did not change a bit!

Peter & Kate 13                      Robin & Conor 11

Clinton & Patrick 13             Magz & Jake 7

All in all a bad day for D1 and another four nil kicking.

Dicky 2 are due to play the Wheatsheef Stooks next week and I guess Dicky 1 will have to go out and practice, quite a lot!

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