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Feb 28, 2013

Wednesday 27th that never was!

The end of the Ladder for 2013
Category: Backgammon
Posted by: Anonymous

Well that's it for now, courtesy of a ruptured Achilles Tendon even I could not make the last evening we were to play. The ladder never took off this time but we had some good evenings and some great games. Thanks to all those who who showed up in all weathers.

The scores at close of play leave Kate at the top with an average score of  2.45, second Conor on 1.84, third Richard on 1.6, fourth Paul on 1.27, fifth Phil on 1.1, sixth Shiela on 0.8 and last but by no means least Dan on 0.75.

So congratulations to Kate who has proved once again to be 'Invincable'

Perhaps we can organise the ocasional evening for one off competitions, probably when the weather improves and the evenings are a bit lighter, so watch out for notices in the pub or here in the site.


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