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Feb 1, 2013


Wednesday January 30th
Category: Backgammon
Posted by: Anonymous

Slightly better attendance this week, four of us! Still, now January is out of the way there are a few more who should be back in circulation and I hope Sheila's knee will soon be good enough to allow her to join us again. We welcome back Dan after his cold weather hibernation, I note he has not lost all his suicidal ways though he did manage to take a leg in his game against Kate. The most entertaining game was between Kate and Richard with the honours eventually going to Richard having won the second leg against all the odds. At the end of the evening the ladder shows Kate still on top, Conor 2nd, Paul 3rd, Richard 4th, Phil 5th, Sheila 6th and Dan supporting us all from the bottom.

Next Wednesday will not be an organised Backgammon evening as we wil be celebrating Conor's 60th Birthday at the pub, that's not to say you cannot play if you can find a sober opponent and a bit of space at a table!

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