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Dec 11, 2012

POKER - Finals Night Dec 2012

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Posted by: Tommytester

On a cold Monday evening 9 of us were seated to fight for Christmas bragging rights with great expectations; 8 of us were to leave disappointed!

Duck was first to blink falling to a full House from Alastair, with Jim ‘small balls’ folding a pair of 5’s which would have turned into winning quad 5’s had he participated. Clayton still hasn’t learnt not to go up against Sharon when his all in shout J6 was taken to the cleaners with her JK and he was off to the naughty step with Duck.

Barney was put all in on his BB by the bullying John with a basic A3 up against his AQ which took him down & out for 2012 after losing the majority of his chips to a Tony’s Full House a few hands before.

Sharon who had been down to 600 chips had managed to clamber back to a reasonable stack when she came up against Tony who was in his ‘Finals Night’ mode with 333KK full house, and another one bit the dust.

Next in the line of fire to the rampant Tony were Jim and Colleen as he tore through the field heading towards his third Finals night victory. Alastair fell from grace in about 3 hands when his stack diminished by about 10k and he was left with nothing left to fight with and soon became easy meat for the others. A commendable 3rd place leaving John & Tony in a Battle of the Titans!

John put up a valiant effort playing him self back into the game finally making an all in shout holding top two pairs 5544 after the flop. It looked all over for Tony until AA turned up on the 4th and 5th cards and Johns bid for this elusive crown was gone yet again! – Robbed by a lucky King kicker!!

Commiserations to John, but Tony must be looked on as a worthy Champiarno as the records show he did put more players out on the night with some pretty decent poker play!

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